Relationship Roadmap 7

Relationship Roadmap 7

OK  by now looking for your partners hint, clues and or listening to her, should have been getting easier thus far. This subject is one I still can’t get, figure out or have a quick trick for. Its SEX, men have been oblivious to women moods, desires and just all out… her needs. Its been proven, discussed, everyone has an opinion on the subject. But you see all men and women are different in so many ways. No professional is going to have answers. Unless they can read both your minds every time you two have intercourse. The start of the relationship is good, as I assuming like most couples, that you guys went at it every chance you got. It’s awesome, its new, exciting and you both are trying to win the other over completely. But years in.. it gets less and less, not as much passion and its usually need a boost. I’m as, I assume, like most men have a larger sexual appetite then your partner.  I have only had one, that almost kept up with me. And I liked her a lot, the sex was amazing. We had that chemistry, that we just did things and it was never wrong. We had marathons, but I never considered her wife or mother material. I can’t help but think it was because of all the dirty things we did. I’d like to believe I’m better than that, but I questioned it a few times. But reading her was natural, she lifted up her hips I knew what to do, she made a noise or moan I knew what to do. So I believed that I figured out what women wanted and how to deliver it. Stupid and very arrogant thinking on my part. If women were 1964 Chevelle’s then I would have been right. But they’re not mass-produced in Detroit, so there’s  the problem. And if your with your lover for a while, their needs and desires change. The nerve of them, my mental manual on her is no longer valid. And being able to discuss sex with your partner is huge, it helps. But they don’t usually want sex in the same way every time. This is wonderful but mind wrecking, because not every time in the heat of passion…do you have a moment to stop and come up with a game plan. Like I said I assumed I knew how to take care of women needs. So I assumed if I was passionate, and worked some areas..I’d figure it out. Just to say I didn’t have a clue and felt like less than a man. She just stop and give me those words… that’s still feel like a knife stuck in my man hood. She’d say just stick it in and hurry. It’s crazy a few nights ago she wanted me to pull hair, pound her hard and call her names. And now she wants a quickie, this gets confusing. Women want for the most part, the man to initiate  and take control of the situation. Which is a conundrum because, I don’t have a clue what, she wants at this particular moment. Not all the everytime was a clueless attempted fail. But as I mentioned I like and got into sex more than she did. I like foreplay, romance, passion, hard Kissing. Just an all night experience, that would be pleasurable for both of us. No she is her own person and is as different from my past lovers, as a piece of gum is to bleach. There was nothing the same about any of them. I’d try to get frisky with her earlier in the day, like pat her but as she passed. And if she looked back gave a smile and shook her behind at me. Then in figured I was laying track to figure out how in was going to approach the situation later. Now I learned, her desires and needs change with in the hour. What she was in the mood for at lunch was different from at dinner, and definitely at bed time. So if she was tired, I took on more of the household duty’s. Thinking I’d reap the rewards later, no wrong..wrong. So what I’m saying, is I don’t have a clue what my lover is going to want right now or from when the next commercial break. So there is no way I could tell you or anyone else can.. on what your lover wants. The only one who knows, in the whole world is her. So you sometimes need to talk, ask, just keep lines of communication open. It’s not as bad as you’d think, and she will give you an idea, I think, I hope. But every woman is so different especially when it comes to sex. Its crazy 16 years with a women and never felt like I mastered her needs in the bedroom. My next lover I felt like I was a perfect fit sexually. but we just let it have too much emphasis on the relationship. You can’t be a porn star everyday the rest of your life. A relationship needs balance and focus on all things and everything that makes you and your love happy. All I can give you is just, be an attentive, and considerate to her wants and needs. But most important is talk about it. During sex and other non passionate times…..OK till next time…

Remember love is a living thing, keep nurturing and feeding it..that’s the only way to keep it healthy and happy..


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I love music and it's lyrics, my song writing days are still in me. Just a little more poetic now.

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