Relationship Roadmap 5

Relationship Roadmap 5

All couples will disagree, and fight. It happens we are all human and the ones closest to us, tend to get the back lash of our day-to-day life. We all have them kind of days, where we what to be left alone. And on those days, are when things go wrong. It enviable that when you just absolutely don’t need something to malfunction or just break, it does. So this is when the level of handyman you are needs to be evaluated and honestly assessed to take care of the situation. I know were men and it dings our pride to have another man come into our domain and fix things. But it’s going to be part of our growth and further develop us a men. I had the furnace  go out, I was at work and he charged my wife $200. I looked at the invoice, work order and it had no description on it of what he did. So couple years later furnace goes down, I had to YouTube how to band-aid it. I needed to be there for when this repair man came back to see what he actually does. Yes it caused an agreement, but when I seen him wipe down the inn side and unscrew the fire sensor and just clean it. Then he put it back together and charged us $200 again. So since I seen what he did and some investigation on our unit. I was able not only do the upkeep but replace and repair older parts. Being some what mechanically inclined, I figured why stop there and began doing all household repairs. I mean I seen my grandfather do all repairs on their house, I should be a man and due my own. So my reign of Mr fix it around the house lasted 10+ years, not a bad run. But me becoming over-confident and my ego was so many times bigger, there wasn’t anything I could do. So I thought, learn from my mistakes and really look into things before you make it so much worse. Everything now is a smart device and need special, expensive part and tools. So after shorting out and frying a few items. I wasn’t allowed to touch anything, this hit my pride like a Mack truck. We argued and resented each other over my stupid pride. So I’m just saying if you’re not sure, just save your self the headache of doing it, but most of all fight with you love. Like i said your going to fight but don’t fight over some stupid like pride. I know it’s hard and I failed at it but looking back, it would have saved me a few night on the couch. So pick your battles and if your going to fight make sure its worth something to stand up for. And when she can truly look at things from your point of view she’ll understand, not agree just understand. And most women don’t understand or even care about pride. So if you argue with her and it’s over something she’ll later see where you were coming from..there’s a pretty good chance when you guys resolve the situation and you can make up. If you know what I mean, because when you both get all worked up,there some pent-up emotions brewing. But if she can’t see a valid reason for the argument, then most times, you have to say sorry and there is no make up sex. So just remember you will argue and it’s normal and healthy to get things out. Just make sure it’s for all the right reasons, and really worth it. I know some time its best to just not go there, then get into a fight. I have bitten my tongue plenty of times, and swallowed my pride to avoid a stupid fight. I know I wasn’t really going to care one why or the other in the near future. We’ll never know how the other is going to think or react. But if we don’t react or counter their choice or decision, we save our self’s for being unhappy nights. And when where fighting and unhappy , were not enjoying one another. That’s what we all got it into our relationship to do. So love her and apprentice her every single day.

Till next time, do let pride get in the way, of truly loving her.


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I love music and it's lyrics, my song writing days are still in me. Just a little more poetic now.

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