Relationship Roadmap 4

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Relationship Roadmap 4

Chivalry is not out of an old-fashioned time period or something in as black and white movie. It’s a show of love and respect toward the one you care about. Some women are uncomfortable with a man opening doors and pulling out her chairs. It’s because no one has ever done this for her. It’s not sexist, it’s a form of showing her you love her. its a tradition, that’s somehow got lost thru time. It’s no different from holding hands, kissing her in public. It is a form of affection, and I personally still believe in. Watching my grandparents, my grandfather doing this for my grandmother, just showed me that real men do this and that’s how men should respect their women. 60 years of marriage, can argue with that and still in love, that’s the dream. To have someone love you literally for life, that’s what we as humans are searching for and or trying to keep. So showing your women you love her shouldn’t feel weird or embarrassing it should come nature and you should be happy to do it. Making your loved one feel special and doing things for them should come so easy. If it feels like work or you’re trying to hard then maybe you need to look at your relationship. Picking up roses to take home to her, just because you love her. That should just happen with no reason or expectations. I worked with this lady Sue, one of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. She was wonderful, but she just got blown away when no was getting roses for my wife and asked what the occasion was. I said because its Tuesday, she was so floored by my response. But it was true, it didn’t need a day on the calendar to tell me when I should show my Wife I loved her. Special occasions are special but the day-to-day living and the struggles you and your love go through. Are also special and should be treated as such. Flowers every day wouldn’t be or feel the same but, just from time to time that is special. A love note on the mirror or anywhere as a reminder that she means so much to you. And I would do this as often as I could. Because saying you love her is OK but showing her, just mean that much more. So don’t ever feel you have to do thing for her, do thing because you want to do them . It’s just keeps your priorities in perspective, she should come first. Life, work, friend’s are important but not as important as your true love. And its kinda ┬áimportant to leave or give those reminders that she’s still the one. Especially when life get busy and hectic, when quality time gets little less and not as romantic. So just remember to show her, so she knows you love her. ┬áIt’s just a good practice to show and communicate this to her everyday!

So just don’t assume she knows you love her so much, show her you love her in every way.


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