Relationship Roadmap 3

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Relationship Roadmap 3

Shopping with your love, wow I know if your going shopping to a mall, or outlets stores , or any type of multiple shops. It so easy to turn this experience into a fight or come off looking like a jerk. She’s going to look at things she may want, things that she don’t need and everything else under the sun. So be comfortable, not sloppy but as casual comfortable as you can be. Just anticipate your going to be board, standing, giving your option on a lot of things she won’t even by, and holding her things. But don’t look how you feel, put a smile on it and don’t be super sarcastic. Eat before you go, isn’t a bad Ideas, because the food courts may have good food,  it keeps you there longer and the longer you stay the more she thinks about shopping. After she eats she is going to want to look at a few more things before you guys leave. While you’re getting ready to heads out, listen to some upbeat music, like  the morning you listen to some thing with a good beat and good songs.. you start of positive. This is exactly how you want to start off the day. Singing, dancing, kissing her as she passes by. What ever you need, put your self in the best mood as possible. On the car ride to Denny’s or where you guy decided to eat at. Also its a good idea to plan your escape, so earlier suggest she invite over her sister, friends, who ever. Just say , let’s have them over I’ll BBQ if you don’t know how to BBQ you need to learn and fast. You being good on the grill will get you out of a lot of things and get you praise for it, if your food taste good. Don’t get talked into going over their houses or meeting them at a restaurant. This could mean your out till you meet up with who ever she called. If your BBQ you have to prepare the food some need an hour marinade or rub, stopping by the grocery store for ingredients is not recommended. I’d get home first look and then say honey I thought we had what ever and your going to run to the Grocery store for it ..real quick. Remember she’s in a shopping mood you don’t want her to continue her urges in the grocery store. So now you have a timer on this day, go eat some food don’t prolong the stay, and be loving with her so she don’t punish you by keeping you there any longer than you guys have to be. Your cellphone apps may come in handy, sitting outside the waiting room. Just don’t load any thing that can’t be paused in an instant. She going to want your opinion and your attention at that moment. I’m sure you seen – any sit com  and the guy says the wrong thing, when asked how do I look. I hope you been telling her how beautiful she is multiple times a day every day. But not only saying it, tell her why in details. So when this moment arrives, you are prepared to give her an honest but flattering assment of the items she’s wearing. So you can tell her you love this part of her body and in that piece of clothing doesn’t highlight such part. Just be honest.. but not stupid and it a good time to make her feel good with a complement. And most of all enjoy being out with her, make the best of the situation. It’s not an ideal day for most men, but start off positive and just don’t bring your self down. Eat for energy and remember most of all… it’s for her and she likes spending time with your dumb ass. I know its crazy..but they do like us their not just to torching us.  So just have fun and its only a few hours, you can do this.

Till next time…tell her she’s later.beautiful every day and why..give details to what you like about her…it can help you out cropped-th-5.jpg


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